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Music Artists

Rock out your crest collection even more by adding your favourite band or music artist! Whether you've been listening for ages, or have just discovered them, we know you'll love their music just as much as we do!

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The band name \'Aerosmith\' is written in wispy, smokey letters. The background is solid black.
Aerosmith – Chrome (Iron On) - Only 6 left

3.875" w x 1.5" h
Item#: P-3234-CH
Patch since: Nov 01/17

$6.00 $1.50 CAD
The logo for Allman Brothers Band sits inside a giant peach with two green leaves.
Allman Brothers - Peach Patch (Iron On) - 20 left

3.5" w x 3" h
Item#: P-0655
Patch since: Nov 01/17

$6.25 $1.56 CAD
The name \'Bowie\' is in red thread on an orange background. The top of the \'B\' and the underline for \'Bowie\' are lightning bolts.
David Bowie - Lightning (Iron On) - Only 8 left

4" w x 2.5" h
Item#: P-1506
Patch since: Nov 01/17

$6.25 $1.56 CAD
This die sublimated patch has \'JIMI\' in yellow letters with a image of Jimi Hendrix himself placed overtop.
Jimi Hendrix (Iron On) - Only 15 left

3.5" w x 3.375" h
Item#: P-3947
Patch since: Nov 01/17

$8.00 $2.00 CAD
The words, \'Lynyrd Skynyrd\' are stacked on top of each other and coloured red. A blue X is slashed through the name with white stars inside.
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Flag Logo (Iron On) - 13 left

3" w x 2" h
Item#: P-1948
Patch since: Nov 01/17

$5.75 $1.44 CAD
The name, \'Pink Floyd\', is embroidered in yellow thread inside a black rectangle.
Pink Floyd (Iron On) - Only 3 left

3.5" w x 2" h
Item#: P-0672
Patch since: Nov 01/17

$6.00 $1.50 CAD
This crest shows the Santana lion (the face of a lion with his mane appearing like an Aztec calendar) with the Santana logo and \'Music From The Heart\' written underneath.
Santana - Lion (Iron On) - Only 10 left

3" w x 3.25" h
Item#: P-4051
Patch since: Nov 01/17

$8.00 $2.00 CAD
The patch is formed by the letter \'U\' followed by \'2\' to make the band name \'U2\'. The background is solid black.
U2 (Iron On) - 3 left

3" w x 2.625" h
Item#: P-3264
Patch since: Nov 01/17

$6.00 $1.50 CAD
This shield shaped crest has the winged \'VH\' logo on it. Above the logo are is the band\'s name \'Van Halen\'.
Van Halen - Shield (Iron On) - Only 13 left

5" w x 3.625" h
Item#: P-4538
Patch since: Nov 01/17

$6.50 $1.63 CAD
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