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Good Sportsmanship

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Dimensions: 2" h

Good sportsmanship is an important aspect of sports or activities! It's when you display a positive attitude, give your best effort, encourage and support others and treat everyone with respect, following the rules and listening to leaders and coaches, it's also about winning gracefully and losing with pride. Hand out our Good Sportsmanship patch to those who exemplify what being a part of a team is all about and what it means it have good sportsmanship. 


Your patches are just the best. We really love the product!

Nelson, BC

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I am LOVING being a part of the crest club. It's so much fun seeing what creativity you've come up with! This is the third month I've received crests. This month was THE BEST! My kids, and even my husband, loved the Pokemon Go inspired crests. When he saw the data usage one, my husband said, "Oh, are you going to sew that on my camp blanket?" (I think the last crest sewed on to his blanket was in 1989...) We're looking forward to seeing what we get next month! My daughter (a second year Brownie this year) is very excited about all the owl crests we've received and has already started to plan which Brownies and Guiders I should be dispensing our new crests too. She has even suggested that I NOT be Brown Owl this year, because there are so many other far more interesting options! :) Anyway, thanks for the fun! We sure loved getting the mail today!

--Laura Freeman
1st Vanderhoof Brownies, Valley District

I love how fast these ladies are!!! We love our adapt a patch they helped us create for our district too!!


Melissa Poulin

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