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A martini glass containing an olive on a stick is tilted to the left. Above it is the word Quarantini and to the side of the glass is the word Time. The background consists of a bright yellow oval tilted in the opposite direction of the glass. Three shine sparkles decorate the background, two on the right and one on the left.

Price: $ 1.60 CAD

Quarantini Time (Peel & Stick)

Item No: E961
Dimensions: 1.9" w x 2.1" h

You know the saying, it's five o'clock somewhere? Well, during this difficult situation at least we can have some fun, right? Have you developed your own Quarantini recipe? Why not share it on Facebook or Instagram! A fun play on words, add our Quarantini Time patch to your crest collection. As a Peel & Stick, you have more ways to use this crest by sticking it to just about any surface, or sewing it onto a camp blanket or poncho, too. 

No returns or exchanges on this product.


Thanks again for everything! Dealing with you guys is always so positive and such a pleasure. You are always so accommodating!

--Amanda M
St. Albert, AB

I really love your patches and we order from you a couple of times a year for our unit!

--Elicia C.
Mississauga, ON

Many years ago when I was a Junior Leader for Brownies, one of the Brownies, Catherine, named me Green Owl because, as she told me, "Green is my favorite color and you are my favorite person". My eyes filled up with tears when I saw Green Owl on your page. I have a felt shaped toadstool sewn to my camp blanket and the words "Green Owl" used to be written on it. Over twenty years later the words have faded away...so I am going to sew my new Green Owl patch over it. Thinking of you, Catherine, wherever you are. I hope you are someone's favorite today.

--Beth Spencer

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