The text 2019 The Good Old Days... is stacked on top of each other in three sections.

Price: $ 1.75 CAD

2019 The Good Old Days...(Iron On)

Item No: S6057
Dimensions: 2" w x 2" h

A lot has changed in 2020, and you’re probably like us, thinking Ah, 2019 Remember the Good Old Days? We know change can be hard, and the world is facing a ton of challenges and upsets, but we hope this fun crest brings a smile to your face! Add our 2019 The Good Old Days... to your crest collection.

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Just wanted to let you know the patches arrived yesterday and they look fantastic! Thanks so much!

--Allison G.
St. John's, NL

I LOVE MY CRESTS! They look amazing- can't wait for the girls and Guiders to see them at camp. Thanks a bunch!


Natasha Juntermanns

Nova Scotia

Every year for the past 10 years I get something made with the TWOW logo for all the participants in my tourney. These patches are by far the best [ones] yet. I can't believe how all the details came out and the grey you chose is perfect. I have one on my office wall above the computer and I look at it every day. All I can say is "WOW!" You are the best.

--Deirdre Norman
Toronto ON

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