This round emoji has turned green from being nauseated. Its eyebrows are two sloping down over its wide eyes and its mouth is an upside-down 'U' shaped with two red cheeks. The poor thing looks like it is about to hurl.

$1.50 $1.13 CAD

Emoji Nauseated

Item No: ES2313
Dimensions: 2" w x 2" h

Feeling a bit queasy? A little green in the face? Maybe car rides cause your tummy to do flips. Let our Emoji crests help you express your feelings, and why not try to collect them all!


Just a quick note to let you know that they turned out AMAZING. You were such a pleasure to work with.

--Kate H.
Richmond, BC

I just got the patches and opened up one tree bag and the leaves. THEY ARE GORGEOUS!! Thank you. I can't wait for the troops to see them. Thank you also for making my design a reality.

Delmar, NY

We got the patches yesterday. They are terrific! Thank you to everyone at E-Patches for such a wonderful, professional experience! These look great!"


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