Garfield & Odie Pizza Party (Peel & Stick)

Garfield, the orange and black stripped, overweight house-cat, has one paw wrapped around his pal, Odie, and the other on a slice of pizza. Odie, the white dog with large, brown floppy ears, is holding a slice of pizza as well. The PAWS trademark sits at the bottom of the patch.

Don't be shy have a pizza pie. Or ten... or twelve... or more. Garfield and Odie team up to have a pizza party so why not bring them along to your next pizza event. Just watch out, after Garfield is through there may not be any pizza left for you. Garfield Pizza Party patch, the perfect side dish to go with any order! Collect all Garfield & Friends patches today. This crest is not meant for individual resale.

2.7" w x 2.3" h

Item No: EG006

$2.75 $0.69 CAD



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