This blue egg is decorated with a yellow lily and an Easter egg. The word Easter breaks out of the egg and goes to the right.

Price: $1.98 CAD


Item No: S0752
Dimensions: 2" w x 2" h
Patch since: Mar 01/06

This simple and elegant patch is the perfect gift for those who love Easter's calmer aesthetics. Its subtle design isn't overwhelming or in your face. It's simply a soft voice to brighten up any Easter craft it's used in.


Hi Lori, I was thrilled to get home from work yesterday to find our new unit crests....they are awesome.....our girls thought they were neat as well when I took them to Sparks last night. Thank you very much for designing such a great crest for us.

--Lisa Furler-Smith
Hamilton, ON

Got my crest order (Camp Like A Girl / Shopper In Training) and they look GREAT! Thanks again for providing such a great resource!!!

--Tamara S.
Prince George, BC


Hello Lori and all at e-patches, I just wanted to thank you for your business and all the many beautiful crests you have developed over the years. I love the Camping at Home.....just now I have been researching tents....for my own backyard! I was a GGC leaders for many years and ordered many of your crests; and had several custom-made by you! I love receiving the bright beautiful inspiring emails and updates from you, even though I don't really need crests anymore:) Many thanks for your service to Albertans, Canadians and the world. Happy camping to all! With gratitude, Monica


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