The words \'Winter Wonderland\' are stacked on top of each other. The \'W\' in \'Wonderland\' has arms with mittens on them. A snowflake sits on the bottom left, top right, and center right of this crest. The thread for the words and snowflakes is metallic.

Price: $ 1.75 CAD

Winter Wonderland - Metallic (Iron On)

Item No: E841R
Dimensions: 2.7" w x 1.3" h


I am ordered 100 blank badges that are 2”x4” with white threadtrim with a plain backing too (because I hate iron on). I wanted you to know that I got my patches on June 5th and they are great. I know they are plain, but it makes them perfect; my 8 year old was supper excited and is planning what he can draw on a bunch of them.


Iona Bailey

Cold Lake, AB

I just got the patches and opened up one tree bag and the leaves. THEY ARE GORGEOUS!! Thank you. I can't wait for the troops to see them. Thank you also for making my design a reality.

Delmar, NY

Our crests arrived on Tuesday. They turned out great! We're looking forward to putting them out on display.

--Rocky Ridge Ranch
Rockwood, ON

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