Custom Embroidered Patches

E-Patches & Crests has been producing custom patches and crests for over 10 years now and we are proud to say that our customers are located all around the world! We've created patches for Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, Martial Arts, Fire Departments, Police Departments, businesses, and all kinds of events. Whether you need a specific design for your camp, club, or for any other reason you can count on us to create a patch for it. Just follow the simple three step process below to learn how to make your own custom embroidered patch.

Patch Basics and Sizing

A patch is made up of twill, stitching and a border. We've provided an image below to help illustrate the difference between the three. The example patch shown has a merrow border as opposed to a laser cut border.

When placing your order please indicate the width of the patch you are looking to create. To determine the overall size of the patch, add the width and height together and divide the total by 2. For example: 4.5" wide x 1.5" high equals 6" and divided by two equals 3" for the overall size.

Merrow Border
Determine length and width

Embroidery Coverage

The amount of embroidery is also a consideration when creating a custom patch. Whether the crest is covered in only 50% thread, 75% or completely covered in 100% thread changes how much the patch will cost to produce. The amount of threads can be generally calculated on how much of the twill fabric background shows through when you look at the crest or the amount of fabric that is not covered by threads.

50% Embroidery

50% coverage with red twill background.

75% Embroidery

75% coverage with blue twill background.

100% Embroidery

100% covered in thread. No twill background.

Thread Colours & Types

The colour combinations you can make for your custom patch are nearly endless! The thread colour chart provided below shows the full spectrum of colours that we offer. Please note that each computer monitor displays colour a little differently. The colours you see on your screen may not be the exact colour that will be on your patch.

All custom order prices include up to 9 regular thread colours. Metallic, Glow In The Dark, and Neon thread colours are offered at an additional cost.

Our most requested thread type is the standard normal thread, but we also offer special threads such as metallic, glow-in-the dark, and neon at extra cost.

Normal Thread


Metallic Thread


Glow In The Dark Thread


Backing Options

The backing is what's on the other size of the crest when you turn it over. We offer five different types you can choose from to make your custom patch perfect. The standard backing is plastic as it gives the crest stability, however alternative backings are available at an extra cost. Super heat seal withstands a higher heat than standard iron on.

Iron On Instructions

Plastic Backing


Adhesive Backing

Adhesive - Peel and Stick

Iron On Backing

Iron On/Super Heat Seal

Velcro Backing


No Backing

No Backing

You can even choose no backing at all! No backing is where the threads show through and are not covered by any type of material.

Velcro Backing

For velcro backing, we offer a choice of hook or loop for a velcro backing. You may choose both, but an additional charge will apply.

Hook Side is the "loop, grabby, stiff" side, and loop is "softer and fuzzy".

image of velcro showing hook and loop


Merrow borders are a thick stitch that is applied to the edge after embroidery and cutting which provides a finished trim and bulkier edge. It also makes it easier for hand sewing. We also offer laser cut borders. Cut to shape, this border option is perfect for custom shapes.

Merrow Border


Laser Cut Border

Laser Cut