Drama & Theatre 5-6 yrs

Lights, camera, action! It’s time to set the stage for your group’s performance. Don’t be shy; the Drama & Theater Instant Meeting is filled with games, activities, and crafts to get your bodies moving and your actors acting. Dance in time with Musical Freeze, make a Bag Puppet, or play Mirror Mirror until you fall down exhausted.

Has your group completed this meeting plan? Reward all their hard work by choosing a patch out of our Drama & Theater category. And if your kids want to keep playing we have a Drama & Theatre challenge kit with a lot of games, puzzles, crafts, and other activities.

Download Drama & Theatre 5-6 yrs


Naila Baig

This Meeting Plan was researched and written by our intern Naila Baig.

Do you have an idea for an Meeting Plan? Submit your own Idea, Plan, Craft, Camp or Game to smiles@e-patchesandcrests.com and if we post it on our site you will receive 15% off an in-stock order.


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Updated Dec 09, 2016

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