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Sludge Fun In The Mud

Team Sludge

Goal: To build team building skills of planning, co-operation and conflict resolution.

The Guides plan during the first meeting and build during the second meeting.

Meeting 1: Planning

  1. Discuss the Aim: to create a messy, slimy obstacle course for the other team with considerations for safety.
  2. Discuss Safety considerations bringing in things such as food allergies, slip hazards, eye protection and how these could be worked to ensure the safety of everyone.
  3. Post a selection of items and food items that will be available to each team. This may include ropes, plastic sheet cloth, flour, water, cornflour, buckets, cardboard.
  4. Draw teams through random selection or patrols.
  5. Each team works together to design an obstacle course, the slimier the better.
  6. Pose questions such as what would happen when the flour is mixed with water, how can you make it three dimensional, how are you ensuring safety for the other team.
  7. Ensure everyone’s ideas are listened to, discussed and incorporated.
  8. Each team completes a planning sheet listing who will be responsible for what section and for which items to bring. Ie. Someone may be responsible for making up jelly whilst another may need to fill water balloons.
  9. At the end of the time, review, leading the discussion to what worked during the planning, how did they resolve disagreements and make choices.

Meeting 2: Sludge

  1. Allocate each team an unencumbered area. Things will get messy so this is best done outside.
  2. Each team wears a uniform in keeping with the theme, of a garbage bag with arm and neck hole, a shower cap and protective goggles. Apart from the eye wear, the uniform is for setting the mood rather than necessary. They will get messy under the garbage bag regardless.
  3. Team are given a predetermined time to create their obstacle course based on their plan and allocate duties.
  4. Work with each team to help them resolve conflicts and to keep moving.
  5. At the end of the allocated time, each team meets and the first participants are selected. Drawing straws is good.
  6. Each team completes the obstacle course whilst the other team watches. Once both teams have had a go, the teams can try their own obstacle course.
  7. Clean up can be enhanced by an Old fashion hosing or water fight.
  8. At the end , when everything is cleaned up, review with each team, leading the discussion to what worked , how were disagreements resolved , what would they change and was it safe.


Jennifer Worthing

This Meeting Plan was researched and written by Jennifer Worthing. Do you have an idea for an Meeting Plan? Submit your own Idea, Plan, Craft, Camp or Game to and if we post it on our site you will receive 15% off an in-stock order.

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Updated Jan 04, 2016

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