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September has come and gone and for most of us, the start of another school or Guiding / Scouting year. For us Canadians, October means the celebration of Thanksgiving and the never ending challenge of what Halloween costume do we wear this year?

We'd like to thank everyone who sent their feedback on our new website. We have been ironing out a few glitches in the order system and thank you again for your patience through this process.

Look to the right for our October patch additions. We are extremely pleased to launch our newest crest set "BE SAFE". There are 7 pieces in total covering the following areas:
Be SAFE at School, in the Home,
, in the Community, Outdoors and in the Water. The design follows a stacking order so you can collect as many or few as you want without making it look like something's missing. This also allows us to add more pieces if we come up with some great suggestions for more. It sells for $8.00 / set or $1.25 for individual pieces. We are also developing a companion booklet to help you with ideas in earning the set.

With the addition of 18 more country flag patches, we have broken down the Flag Patch category into Country and Canadian Provincial sections. We are looking to add U.S. state flags as well. Let us know which states you'd like to see added first.

We would like to THANK everyone for their continued patience as Kathy and I work through sending out all those free crests, there were over 200 replies to our April survey and we hope to have them all mailed out by the end of the year.

October's SPECIAL is 5% OFF good until November 1. Enter the promo code FALL05 in the shopping cart to receive your discount.

A reminder that we can also assist you with your custom patch order. You can request a free quote by clicking on the Custom Orders link at the top of each page.

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We always welcome your feedback and suggestions!

Until next time, keep smiling and happy collecting!

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