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Happy New Year to everyone! We enjoyed our holiday break. The only hiccup was that 7 of the 24 of my extended family all got the flu 2 days after Christmas. I'm glad to say I'm fully recovered and ready to get back at it after a nice long break.

In 2013, we are starting a new blog for your meeting, craft or game ideas. Each blog entry will feature your name, your plans and any photos to display your group in action. Be sure you have the image release form filled out for any people in the photo/s. All leaders who submit a plan that we post on our blog, will receive 20% off an instock or custom order of crests. Please submit your plans and photos to lori[at]

The three Pathfinder crests that were discontinued in October are now available with a slight wording change that you can see below.

Path-finder Crests

We've also remade the Keep Calm crests and will keep adding to this set as we had alot of great suggestions in our rename the Keep Calm crest contest.

Our January specials include 15% OFF all Winter Activity, Thinking Day, Comedy and Culture and Heritage patches. The discount will automatically show up in the shopping cart.

More exciting news is that we now offer custom Promotional Products. Browse our online catalogue at We would be happy to provide a quote for items you may need for camp or any special event!

We are also happy to announce that we have created a Pinterest site. Check it out here and Pin us if you like.

A reminder that we can also assist you with your custom patch order. You can request a free quote by clicking on the Custom Orders link at the top of each page.

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Until next time, keep smiling and happy collecting!

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Baking Bread Making
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Lady Bug Patrol Snowflake Ball Metallic
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Keep Calm & Be A Friend Keep Calm & Lend A Hand
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