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June 2016
Guiding Mosaic Is Almost Here
Four ladies from E-Patches & Crests.

We're very excited that Guiding Mosaic is just five weeks away, so much so that we wanted to show you who to look for in our three part trader hunt. Two of the ladies in the picture above will be there; can you guess which ones? Just ask for Kathy or Lori and someone will give you a hint on where to find us; AJ, on the other hand, will remain hidden until you find her at Guiding Mosaic. Find all three of us to complete our three part light house set. Also this is your last chance to place an order for any custom Guiding Mosaic crests. The deadline for ordering is Friday, June 3rd.

By now you may have heard about the devastating fire that swept through Fort McMurray. Personally we're very proud of the quick and selfless response of so many Albertans and first responders and we at E-Patches and Crests want to do our part too. We are designing a Fort Mac Strong patch which will be available in about two weeks. The crest will be an image of Alberta with a heart above the location of Fort McMurray, and the words ''Fort Mac Strong'' will be embroidered next to the heart. All proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross to help aid the residents of Fort McMurray. We will send out an announcement as soon as the patches are ready. We're with you Fort Mac.

This month we have released 15 new crest designs and the June discount is 15% off all Special People crests. We also published another new free idea. Are you ready to test your culinary skills and become the best chef in your camp? Here's your chance to show your peers what you can do as you take on challenges such as Vegetable Picture Platter, Healthy Food Relay, and the delectable No Bake Dessert contest. Become a master chef today with Chef Camp.

Do you know someone who has already completed a free idea but doesn't have a badge for it? All it takes is a quick search and you can find a crest that matches up with almost all of our camps, challenges, and meeting plans. Today we are releasing two more patches that perfectly pair up: the Medieval Stone badge to go with our new King Arthur camp plan that was released last month and a Master Chef crest to go with our Chef Camp. Did you find a free idea that needs a patch? Let us know and we will be sure to put it on our list.

Guess what? E-Patches & Crests is now on We Heart It. What's We Heart It you ask? It's the latest social media site where you can view beautiful and expressive images. We Heart It is built around people taking only positive actions towards each other which is a key value with E-Patches & Crests as well. So come on by and check out our page, we will have all our newest patches, crests, lapel pins, challenge kits, free ideas and more. We also want to fill our wall with positive images so you will also see the occasional inspirational or creative picture posted. You can find all our images under the keyword 'epatchesandcrests' or you can follow us now.

Happy collecting,
Lori St. Martin
E-Patches & Crests Founder

What's New?

This month we have 15 new products. Be sure to visit our What's New page to see them all.

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Adapt A Patch
Have you ever spied a patch that was almost perfect, but you wanted to tweak it just a bit?

Well now you can with our Adapt A Patch feature! You can select one of our in-stock crests and replace the original wording with your own. The best part is that we already have the design which saves us time so we pass on the savings to you.

The next time you need a custom patch consider Adapting A Patch.
Adapt a patch
Adapt a patch
Custom Patch of the Month
custom patch of the month
The custom crest above is an order placed by one of our customers who is traveling to Great Britain this summer. What an awesome trader. We can help you with your custom embroidered crest. Send us your idea or sketch and we will be happy to provide a design and quote.
Our Products In Action
''Myself and my unit love your fun crests. One place they end up other than the camp blanket is the camp hat!" -- Kayla from Halifax Nova Scotia.
Kayla's Camp Hat
Do you have pictures of your girls receiving their badges or completing a craft from a challenge kit? Send in your action shots to show how you are using our products and you might just see your picture here. Please submit your photos to wecare@e-patchesandcrests.com. Everyone who submits will receive a promo code for 15% off their next in-stock or custom order.
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