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May 2017 Newsletter
Sea Serpent Set and Cross Stitch Patterns

We have some very exciting news to share this month.

Let's start off with our Cross Stitch Patches. These 3'' cross stitch circles and squares both have white merrow borders and a plastic, 14 count cross-hatch base to make it easy to thread your needle through. Best of all, they are just perfect for creating your own custom crests or a simple kid friendly activity to do at camp. A craft and a reward all in one. Please note that the cross stitch blank patches are not available for sale in the UK.

And that's not all, we also have our own downloadable patterns that include beginner 'How to Stitch' instructions and will show you where to make your stitches, in what colour, and even how much thread you need. So far we have two patterns created which are available for sale in the UK.

Are you looking for ways to celebrate Canada's Sesquicentennial (ses·qui·cen·ten·ni·al) this year? Coming very soon, E-Patches & Crests will be your one-stop shop for Canada 150 merchandise. We will be offering products such as apparel and promotional product items.

We haven't forgotten about our favourite item: patches. In the last few months we have released 6 in-stock patches to celebrate Canada's birthday and now we are adding one more to that list: Canada 150 (Peel & Stick).

If you are looking to celebrate Canada Day your way, we can help you create your own custom crest. Go to our Custom Patch page for more information.

May's special is 15% off Camping patches.

Happy collecting,
Lori St. Martin - Founder
E-Patches & Crests

Specials This Month
Our special this month is 15% off the Camping category.
What's New?
New patches for this month

This month we have 28 new products including the set that our Facebook audience has been waiting for: the Sea Serpent Set.

Have you ever wanted a set where it doesn't matter if you collect all the pieces or not? How about one that fits perfectly along the edge of a camp blanket? Our winding Sea Serpent, concept designed by Leader Claire Sokoloski, does exactly that.

New patches and products include: Paint Nite, LOVE Camping, Canada 150, Canada Flag 4x2, Canada Flag 2.5x1.25, Emoji Nerd, Emoji Tongue Side, Bulgaria Flag, Zimbabwe Flag, Fashion Design, Mental Health, Trolls, Secret Agent, Earth Owl, Spicy Owl, Rome, Cross Stitch Circle, Cross Stitch Square, Owl Cross Stitch Pattern, Canada 150 Cross Stitch Pattern, and Canada150 Lanyard - Red.

Earn E-Reward Points
Did you know that our members have earned 139,471 points since October 2016?

Adapt A Patch
Have you ever spied a patch that was almost perfect, but you wanted to tweak it just a bit?

Well now you can with our Adapt A Patch feature. You can select one of our in-stock individual crests or patch sets and replace the original wording with your own.

The best part is that we already have the design which saves us time so we pass on the savings to you.

The next time you need a custom patch consider Adapting A Patch.
Adapt a patch
Adapt a patch
Custom Patches of the Month
custom patch of the month   custom patch of the month
These custom crests above are super collectible. It's amazing to see what our talented customers can come up with. We can help you with your custom embroidered crest. Send us your idea or sketch and we will be happy to provide a design and quote.
Products In Action
"I love what I do. And there's no better feeling than doing what you love. I had a vision for a hat that I could be proud to wear with my brand on it. I couldn't be happier with these two styles of patch hats I've made up. @epatchesandcrests Awesome! Thanks so much. Great patches." – Steve from Blue Line Woodwork
Patches on a sky blue trefoil
Do you have pictures of your girls receiving their badges or completing a craft from a challenge kit? Send in your action shots to show how you are using our products and you might just see your picture here.
Everyone who submits will receive a promo code for 15% off their next in-stock or custom order.


Campfire Blanket Patterns PDF

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