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September 2017 Newsletter

Welcome back. It's that shocking time of year again when parents celebrate and kids reluctantly go back to school. Look on the bright side kids, this means that your favourite group activities are back in session.

We want to start the Guiding and Scouting year off right with our monthly special being 15% off all Circle Badges. If you are looking for a way to separate your groups, our circle badges are just the patches you need. Plus, with the fall season fast approaching we decided to put the Halloween category on sale as well.

Our Canada 150 merchandise has finally arrived! After spending the majority of this year tweaking our code to create a system that allows custom apparel orders to be taken directly on our website, at last we can say it is up and running. We know that Canada Day is officially over, but the Canada 150 celebrations last all year so you can still get your item for an event or camp.

We will be providing select apparel, either personalized or non-personalized, until the end of this year. Minimum quantity is 25 pieces.

Did you know that when you purchase a PDF from E-Patches & Crests you can re-download it for free? If you ever misplace your file just log into the member's area, go to Items Purchased in the side menu, find your Challenge Kit, Meeting Plan, or Cross Stitch Pattern, and download it. It's that easy.

Happy collecting,
Lori St. Martin - Founder
E-Patches & Crests

Specials This Month
Our specials this month are 15% off all Circle Badges and Halloween crests.
What's New?
New patches for this month

This month we have 16 new products including: I Camped in the Mud, Operation Christmas Child 2017 Rocker, Emoji Blowing A Kiss, #makingmemories, #sisterhood, Get Lost - Corn Maze, Gamer Owl, Ratio Owl, 3'' Round WTWM Blank, Emoji Smile Cheeks Cross Stitch Pattern, Sea Serpent Tail 2018, Tree Trunk, Marshmallow Roasting Leaf, Kife Skills Leaf, Provincial Flower - British Columbia, and Provincial Flower - Nova Scotia.

Earn E-Reward Points
Did you know that our members have earned 280,897 points since October 2016?

Adapt A Patch
Have you ever spied a patch that was almost perfect, but you wanted to tweak it just a bit?

Well now you can with our Adapt A Patch feature. You can select one of our in-stock individual crests or patch sets and replace the original wording with your own.

The best part is that we already have the design which saves us time so we pass on the savings to you.

The next time you need a custom patch consider Adapting A Patch.
Adapt a patch
Adapt a patch
Custom Patches of the Month
custom patch of the month   custom patch of the month
These custom crests above are super collectible. It's amazing to see what our talented customers can come up with. We can help you with your custom embroidered crest. Send us your idea or sketch and we will be happy to provide a design and quote.
Products In Action
"So, I'm definitely going to have to reorganize my campfire blanket! This is the coolest set EVER! Will there be more humps @epatchesandcrests??? Please say yes, because I want it to go all around my blanket!" - @marshagoodyear on Instagram
Canada's 150 logo embroidered on a square patch
Do you have pictures of your girls receiving their badges or completing a craft from a challenge kit?
Send in your action shots to show how you are using our products and you might just see your picture here. Everyone who submits will receive a promo code for 15% off their next in-stock or custom order.

Campfire Blanket Patterns PDF
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