E-Patches & Crests
April 2021 Newsletter

Spring is here which means that it's time to celebrate Easter! Take your kids around the yard for an Easter egg hunt, paint eggs into works of art, or just look outside to see all the new flowers.

Looking for Easter crests? You can find our Emoji Bunny crest in our Emoji category, our Easter Owl in the Owl category, and all other Easter patches in the Holidays & Special Days section.

The changing season also means that it's cookie time! Let's face it; Covid has made it difficult for leaders to do their regular cookie sales. If you happen to see any cookies for sale in your local retailers, please purchase a box or two. The money raised supports your local Guide units. For all the girls and leaders out there who are going above and beyond to sell their cookies, please reward your efforts. We have a variety of fun and kooky crests in our Cookie category, including our new Online Cookie Seller crest.

Happy collecting,
Lori St. Martin - Founder
E-Patches & Crests

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