Charm Patch FAQ

How do I attach the charms to the patch?

Watch a video to learn how to attach the charms to the patch or read our step by step instructions below.

How to attach the charms to the patch:

Each charm comes with a jump ring already attached to the charm. To get the charm on the patch you will need to open the ring with two chain nose pliers.

Position the pliers so you have one on either side of the small cut that separates the ring and twist, pulling one hand towards you and one hand away. 

Slide the ring through the patch loop and twist again in the opposite direction, to close the opening. 

EPC Tip! Make sure you use the twist-action; if you pull the metal apart you will not be able to get the ring back into a circular shape. 

Once all the charms are attached, you will have completed your patch set collection!