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Custom Patch Explained

Patch Basics and Sizing

A patch is made up of twill, stitching and a border. We've provided an image below to help illustrate the difference between the three. The example patch shown has a merrow border as opposed to a laser cut border.

When placing your order please indicate the width of the patch you are looking to create. To determine the overall size of the patch, add the width and height together and divide the total by 2. For example: 4.5" wide x 1.5" high equals 6" and divided by two equals 3" for the overall size.

Merrow Border
Determine length and width

Embroidery Coverage

The amount of embroidery is also a consideration when creating a custom patch. Whether the crest is covered in only 50% thread, 75% or completely covered in 100% thread changes how much the patch will cost to produce. The amount of threads can be generally calculated on how much of the twill fabric background shows through when you look at the crest or the amount of fabric that is not covered by threads.

50% Embroidery

50% coverage with red twill background.

75% Embroidery

75% coverage with blue twill background.

100% Embroidery

100% covered in thread. No twill background.

Minimum Quantity
25 Pieces

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