Custom Heat Transfers

Looking for a custom patch design with small text, detailed imagery, or the true likeness of a photograph?

Minimum Quantity
25 Pieces

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Make Your Heat Transfer in Three Simple Steps

1. Think of An Idea

Sketch of your heat transfer

Provide your own artwork, sketch or describe your basic design. Have an idea but no sketch? Don't worry, our graphic designers can help! 

2. Approve the Proof

Sketch of your heat transfer

We'll let you know if your artwork requires adjustments. Or, we'll provide a design proof of your design to ensure your complete satisfaction. 

3. Get Your Heat Transfer

Sketch of your heat transfer

After a design has been approved, we'll continue with a sample. Your patches will be delivered 2-3 weeks after final approval.

Sizing & Basics

A heat transfer is your design sublimated onto a shiny satin fabric using heat and pressure. The fabric absorbs the pigmented ink from the transfer process resulting in a vividly coloured patch with either a simple detail or a re-creation of a complex photograph. We've provided an image below to help illustrate the sizing of a Heat Transfer patch. The heat transfer example shown has a laser cut-stitched border.

When placing your order, please indicate the width of the heat transfer you are looking to create. To determine the overall size of the heat transfer, add the width and height together and divide the total by 2. For example, 4.5" wide x 1.5" high equals 6" and divided by two equals 3" for the overall size.

For the best possible results, we recommend using a vector artwork file. If you don't have this, our in-house designer is happy to help create artwork for you. 


Merrow borders are a thick stitch applied to the edge after embroidery and cutting, providing a finished trim and bulkier edge. It also makes it easier to hand sew. We also offer these additional border types, Laser Cut - Stitched and Laser Cut - No Border. Laser Cut borders are cut to shape and are perfect for custom shapes.

  • A close up of laser cut border.

    Laser cut - stitched

  • A close up of laser cut with no border.

    Laser Cut - No Border

  • A close up of a merrow border.


Design Templates

We've made designing your own custom heat transfer easier by providing free downloadable templates. Select the shape and size of your heat transfer, draw your design, including colour choices and crest details, and submit it using our Custom Heat Transfer Quote Request form. It's that easy to get your custom heat transfer started.

Minimum Quantity
25 Pieces

Questions? Call

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