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E-Patches & Crests will transform your idea into custom pins. Make enamel pins with your own design in three simple steps, and then your order of custom pins will be shipped 2 to 3 weeks after the production sample is approved. We want you to be fully satisfied with your custom enamel pins, so we will complete any revisions to the design sample. Get a quote today to start your order of custom pins.

Minimum Quantity
100 Pieces

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Make Enamel Pins in Three Simple Steps

1. Think of an idea for custom pins

Sketch of your pin

Sketch or describe your basic design for custom lapel pins. Have an idea but no sketch? Our graphic designer can help! Request a quote to get started.

2. Approve the proof

Proof of your pin

We will email you a design proof of your customizable enamel pins to ensure your complete satisfaction. Please review all information, particularly the size, spelling and colours.

3. Get Your custom pins

Your pin

Once you approve the design, we will continue with a sample. Your custom enamel pins will be shipped 2-3 weeks after the production sample is approved.

Custom Lapel Pin Options

Not sure which type of custom pins is best for your design? Contact us with the details of your order and we can recommend the best options for your customizable enamel pins.

  • A flower pin with a painted design.

    Laser (Silk Screen) Printed

    Silk Screen pins have the design painted onto the pin, using a method similar to making silk screen shirts. Silk Screen pins are a great choice for custom enamel pins when exact specifications must be adhered to, such as with trademarked symbols.

  • A pin of Ehrennadel Mittenwald with a colour fill outline.

    Cloisonné/Hard Enamel

    The jewelry-like appearance of these custom pins is perfect for promotional events, building your brand, or awarding to a valuable employee. When choosing a Cloisonné pin, keep in mind that all designs must have an exact outline for each colour fill, so the colours don’t bleed into one another.

  • A pin with an offset image.

    Offset Printed

    Offset Printed pins are made with a laser printing technique that can capture the most detailed image, colour gradient, and text with a clarity that will astound. You also have the option of adding an Epoxy finish to your custom lapel pins to add extra protection.

  • A pin with a simple colour palette.

    Die Struck (Soft Enamel)

    Soft Enamel pins are commonly used as free giveaways at trade shows, souvenirs for tourist spots and sports memorabilia. When customizing a Soft Enamel pin, use simple designs that have defined and separate colours. An optional epoxy protective coating can be applied to protect the colour enamels from fading or cracking over time.

  • A gold maple leaf pin.

    Die Struck (Gold on Gold)

    Die Struck pins offer the refined look of metal on metal that is often used as awards for years of service, universities, or outstanding achievements. These pins have a base that can be made of premium metal materials, recessed areas that can be sandblasted to add texture or a smooth matte finish. These custom pins work best with simple designs and can be either 2D or 3D.

  • A pin with the photo etched onto it.

    Photo Etched

    Photo Etched pins give your design a sharp look while making it come alive. Thin metal lines separate the colours from one another while the surface of these pins is completely smooth and polished. These custom pins require a relatively simple design with an exact outline for each colour.

Timeline for Custom Enamel Pins

Once you place an order of custom lapel pins, we will email a scan of the design sample for your approval within a few days of placing the order. After your review of the design sample, then we will continue with a production sample. When the production sample is approved, your order of custom pins will be shipped within three weeks.

Minimum Quantity
100 Pieces

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