Custom Patch Design Templates

Designing your very own custom patch just got easier with our handy Patch Design Templates.

Select the shape and size of your patch, download your free template, draw your design, including colour choices and crest details, and submit it using our Custom Embroidered Patch Quote Request form. It's that easy to get your custom patch started.

Here is a sample of our Patch Design Template for a 3-inch heart-shaped badge.

Select Your Template

Ready to choose your shape and size? You can download our free patch templates by pressing on the button below. To determine the overall size of the patch you are looking to create, add the width and height together and divide the total by 2. For example: 4.5" wide x 1.5" high equals 6" and divided by two equals 3" for the overall size.

EPC Tip: Minimum text size will be 18 pts when stitched.

Blank Template

Square & Rectangle Badges

Circle Badges

Shield & Semi-Circle Badges

Triangle Badges

Heart Badges


All Done?

Once you've filled in the template, please use our online form to request your quote. Fill in some information, upload your template, and you've got the custom patch design ball rolling! And don't worry; our quotes are 100% free.

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Need Some More Information?

Check out our Custom Patch Explained page to learn how we make custom crests, patch basics & sizing, embroidery coverage, thread colours & types, and minimum quantity. Browse our backings and borders to find out which options are right for you.


We reserve the right to modify your design to fit our manufacturing specifications.

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