Iron-On The word Jurassic is below silhouettes of many dinosaurs from the Jurrasic period. Such as the Tryanasorous Rex, Stegasaruous, and Hadrosauridae.

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Item No: E922
Dimensions: 2.5" w x 1.5" h
Patch since: Jan 01/20

Did you know the Jurassic period lasted 56 million years? It's also one of the most commonly recognized geologic periods, as dinosaurs began to take over and dominate the lands. The first birds also appeared during this time, having evolved from a branch of theropod dinosaurs! Our Jurassic patch is an excellent choice if you've just learned about the many geologic periods or have a fondness for dinosaurs.

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Hi Lori. [The] patches [arrived] here today. I really like the red edges. Now the patch pops. Thank you!

--Janet K.
Erie, PA USA

Just wanted to let you know that the crests arrived safe and sound today! We're thrilled with the Time Traveller crest...thanks again for all your help!!!

--Megan G
St. Catharines, ON

Got my crest order (Camp Like A Girl / Shopper In Training) and they look GREAT! Thanks again for providing such a great resource!!!

--Tamara S.
Prince George, BC

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