What do you look for? Clues: footprints, hair, pieces of cloth, fingerprints? Questions: who, what, where, when, why, how? This is the way of Mystery. Days filled with possibilities, nights filled with suspense. What is Mystery to you?

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CSI, Crime, Scene, Fingerprint, Magnifying Glass, Sherlock, Mystery, Glove, Tube, Test Tube, Patch, Embroidered Patch, Merit Badge, Iron On, Iron-On,
CSI - Fingerprint

2" h
Item#: S1174
Patch since: Dec 01/09

Price: $ 1.98 CAD
Yellow crime tape crosses diagonally over this square patch as footprints track from bottom to top. A blue glove peaks out from the bottom left and a eyedropper rests in the middle right. A magnifying glass sits above the 'C' in 'CSI'. The crime tape has the word 'CAMP' written on it.
CSI Camp (Iron On)

2" w x 2" h
Item#: E671
Patch since: Mar 01/17

Price: $ 1.65 CAD
A hand holds a key triumphantly in the air with an orange starburst behind it. Above the key are two question marks and to the right sits an open door. The word 'Escape' sits at the top of the patch and 'Room' rests at the bottom.
Escape Room (Iron On)

2" w x 2" h
Item#: E654
Patch since: Jan 01/17

Price: $ 1.65 CAD
Mystery, Fingerprint, Question, Sherlock, Holmes, Magnify, Magnifying Glass, CSI, Patch, Embroidered Patch, Merit Badge, Iron On, Iron-On, Crest, Girl
Mystery (Fingerprint)

2" h
Item#: S1425
Patch since: Jan 01/10

Price: $ 1.98 CAD
A round patch depicts Sherlock Holmes' hat along with a magnifying glass and muddy footprints. The word ''Mystery'' is embroidered at the bottom of the patch.
Mystery - Sherlock Hat

2" w x 2" h
Item#: S0032
Patch since: Jan 01/06

Price: $ 1.98 CAD
A book flutters open with two question marks and a magnifying glass popping out. The word Mystery sits above the book and Who Done It sits below.
Mystery - Who Done It (Iron On)

2.2" w x 1.8" h
Item#: E952
Patch since: Jun 01/20

Price: $ 1.65 CAD
A person is hidden in the shadows of his brown trench coat and wide brim hat. The words 'Secret Agent' are embroidered at the bottom.
Secret Agent (Iron On)

2" w x 2" h
Item#: E697
Patch since: May 01/17

Price: $ 1.65 CAD
Spy, Camp, Mystery, Footprints, Magnifying, Glass, Patch, Embroidered Patch, Merit Badge, Badge, Emblem, Iron On, Iron-On, Crest, Lapel Pin, Insignia, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides
Spy Camp (Iron On)

2" w x 2" h
Item#: E329
Patch since: Oct 01/13

Price: $ 1.65 CAD

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