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A handbell and mistletoe on the left, with the words Bell Ringing on the right.

Bell Ringing

2.75" w x 1.25" h
Item#: S0691
Patch since: Jan 01/08

Price: $1.98 CAD

Charity Walk

2" w x 2" h
Item#: E749
Patch since: Mar 01/18

Price: $1.65 CAD

Disaster Relief

2" w x 2.25" h
Item#: S5770
Patch since: Nov 01/20

Price: $1.98 CAD

Flood Relief

2" w x 2" h
Item#: E311
Patch since: Sep 01/13

$1.65 $0.83CAD

Help Build Homes

2.1" w x 1.9" h
Item#: E688
Patch since: Apr 01/17

Price: $1.65 CAD

Helping Children Around the World

2" h
Item#: S1758
Patch since: Jun 01/07

Price: $1.98 CAD

Milk Bag Mats

2" w x 2" h
Item#: E584
Patch since: Aug 01/16

Price: $1.50 CAD

Pop Tab Collecting

2" w x 2" h
Item#: E330
Patch since: Oct 01/13

Price: $1.50 CAD

Soup Kitchen

2.2" w x 1.8" h
Item#: E678
Patch since: Mar 01/17

Price: $1.65 CAD

A blue patch in the shape of a stamp. Three cans are in the center. Stamp Out Hunger is written above and below the cans.

Stamp Out Hunger

2" h
Item#: S1762
Patch since: Jan 01/10

Price: $1.98 CAD

A pink ribbon with purple text over the top that reads walk for the cure.

Walk For The Cure

2" h
Item#: S1230
Patch since: Feb 01/09

Price: $1.98 CAD

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