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No matter how you travel, we have a patch for you! Bus, car, train or plane, even bicycle! Celebrate your favoured mode of transportation with a patch from our collection below.

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2.5" w x 1.5" h
Item#: E1074
Patch since: Jul 01/21

Price: $1.85 CAD

Airplane Charm

0.75" w x 0.87" h
Item#: ES3030
Charm since: Mar 15/23

Price: $2.80 CAD

Around The World

1.75" w x 2.25" h
Item#: E573
Patch since: May 01/16

Price: $1.85 CAD


2.5" w x 1.5" h
Item#: E1175
Patch since: Aug 01/22

Price: $1.85 CAD


2.5" w x 1.5" h
Item#: E1073
Patch since: Jul 01/21

Price: $1.85 CAD


2.3" w x 1.7" h
Item#: E1072
Patch since: Jul 01/21

Price: $1.85 CAD

In The City

1.75" w x 2.25" h
Item#: E1336
Patch since: May 23/24

Price: $1.85 CAD

Sylvan Lake Pin

1.25" w x 1.25" h
Item#: EP005
Pin since: Apr 15/22

Price: $4.50 CAD


3" w x 1" h
Item#: E1088
Patch since: Sep 01/21

Price: $1.85 CAD

Trans Canada Highway 1

2" w x 3" h
Item#: E1186
Patch since: Nov 01/22

Price: $2.20 CAD

Travel Badges

Do you love to travel? Then E-Patches & Crests has the perfect collection of patches for you! Browse our Travel & Tourism category to find your favourite mode of transportation. Whether you're going on a ferry for the first time or a plane for the hundredth, decorate your patch collection with a brand-new iron-on travel badge. Our patches are easy to attach and long-lasting, so you get the most out of your purchase.

How to Order Travel Patches 

Explore E-Patches & Crests' in-stock travel badges, then order online or over the phone. Our customer service team is available to answer any of your questions about travel badges in Canada or how to complete your order. Patches are perfect for repairing your suitcase, campfire blanket, or favourite pair of travel pants.

Custom Travel Badges

We are regularly adding new travel badges to our in-stock inventory, and we welcome your suggestions for new designs. You can also order custom travel badges in Canada by adapting an existing design or supplying artwork or ideas to our graphic designers. Whether you want personalized travel badges or a completely unique design for your trip, we can make your idea a reality. Request a quote to get started on your custom travel patches. 

Can't Find the Perfect Travel and Tourism Embroidered Patch?

Do you have something that you would like in our in-stock items? Please add your design suggestions to our wish list.

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