There is a named holiday for almost every day of the year, so why not celebrate a holiday or special day with a crest commemorating the occasion. Celebrate a holiday with an embroidered badge.

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Canada Day

2.5" w x 2.5" h
Item#: E113
Patch since: Jun 01/11

$1.98 $1.49CAD

Canada Day Beaver

1.9" w x 2.1" h
Item#: E1067
Patch since: Jun 01/21

$1.65 $1.24CAD

This patch depicts the Chinese lion, Guan Gong, in the center. Around it are the words Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year

2" w x 2" h
Item#: S0454
Patch since: Feb 01/06

Price: $1.98 CAD

Family Day

2" w x 2" h
Item#: E662
Patch since: Feb 01/17

Price: $1.65 CAD


2" w x 2" h
Item#: S4299
Patch since: Dec 01/20

Price: $1.98 CAD


2.675" w x 2.25" h
Item#: E120
Patch since: Jul 01/11

Price: $1.98 CAD

Sugar Skull

1.7" w x 2.3" h
Item#: E891
Patch since: Oct 01/19

Price: $1.98 CAD

Year of the Ox 2021

2.8" w x 1.2" h
Item#: E1018
Patch since: Dec 01/20

$1.75 $0.35CAD

Year of the Rat 2020

2.8" w x 1.2" h
Item#: E909
Patch since: Dec 01/19

$1.75 $0.35CAD

Year of the Tiger 2022

2.8" w x 1.2" h
Item#: E1129
Patch since: Jan 01/22

Price: $1.75 CAD

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