What Are Camp Blankets?

Updated Apr 16, 2024

Each person's patch collection is a way for them to express themselves. A Camp Blanket can be decorated with patches that express who you are and your achievements. From your zodiac sign to your owl, add whatever patches make you happy. Or display things you've accomplished, people you've met or places you've visited. Camp blankets are meant to let you express the truest form of yourself.

Why Do I Need A Camp Blanket?

Do you have bags or bins full of patches that need a home? I bet many of you do! That's the best reason you need a camp blanket for sewing them on. Despite being called blankets, they are actually ponchos, which keep you extra warm around a campfire. Plus, our wool blankets are fire-resistant compared to fleece.

With a poncho, you don’t have to worry about standing up and having your blanket fall on the ground. Instead, your poncho stays nicely in place, letting you get more wood for the fire while staying cozy and warm. Plus, you get to display all the glow-in-the-dark patches you're proud to have collected.

Tips For Creating Your Own Camp Blanket

If you want to make your own campfire blanket poncho, it's easy. Purchase one of our wool blankets and some patches, and find a sewing needle and thread. Plus, it comes with a Campfire Blanket Pattern that you can follow to make your own campfire poncho. The pattern is versatile with options to make one adult-sized poncho or two child-sized ponchos.

Selecting patches for your blanket is a personal matter. However, we encourage you to browse our shop’s fantastic collection of patches in order to find the ones best suited for you. If you don't have time to sew on your patches, try our adhesive pin backs

Lori’s Camp Blanket

Our founder, Lori, has been collecting crests for years!

Her camp poncho displays all sorts of unique and fun patches that capture a snapshot of her. That’s why at E-Patches & Crests, we offer a wide variety of unique, quality patches that help you express who you are! 


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Indy Scott

Indy Scott is our content writer! They are nonbinary (they/he) and love to customize their clothing with patches.

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