Reducing Clothing Waste

Updated Oct 08, 2023

Did you know that 10% of global carbon emissions come from fast fashion? Fast fashion has a massive environmental impact, with its sole goal being profit, regardless of how much pollution it releases into our atmosphere. The fashion industry produces roughly 100 billion garments annually, and 92 million tonnes end up in landfills. Without action, this waste will double within a decade. Additionally, the fashion industry is responsible for 20% of the global wastewater due to the dyes and chemicals used in the creation of garments. 

What is Fast Fashion?

Fast Fashion is the quick churning out of the latest trends from the catwalk to stores in order to take advantage of the latest trends. It is made with cheaper, speedier manufacturing and shipping methods to meet demands at cheap prices, resulting in products that are more likely to fall apart after a few washes.

How Does Fast Fashion Hurt The Planet?

Ecological waste is harming the ecosystems of our planet, putting many animals at risk of extinction. Run-off from factories and industrial processes is polluting our water sources. If we don’t make an effort to reduce waste from the fast fashion industry soon, it’ll have devastating consequences on a global scale.

What Can You Do To Help?

You can reduce your fast fashion waste by recycling old clothing instead of throwing it away! If you have outgrown an article of clothing, you can donate it to a local clothing drive or gift it to a friend or family member who would wear it. By donating your old clothes to charity, you are giving back to not just the planet but your community, ensuring everyone has clothes to keep them warm. 

Repair Your Clothes

If there are holes in your clothes, try patches! You can repair larger holes on pants by sewing a square of fabric underneath them to reinforce their structural integrity (and add a splash of colour). The fabric you use can be from an old t-shirt you can’t wear anymore; that way, you’re recycling two garments! For smaller holes in your clothes, find patches that you can sew over the top of them. E-Patches & Crests has a wide selection of patch sizes you can choose from that can cover pretty much any size hole. 

Update Your Clothes

Patches don’t always have to repair holes! If you have a stain you can’t remove, a crest can easily cover it, so you don’t have to throw it away. If you’re worried about your jeans being too generic or mainstream, instead of purchasing a whole new wardrobe, try embroidered patches! Badges are the perfect way to personalize your clothing, allowing you to make your own unique garments without needing to order anything custom-made. Attaching patches also helps you work on your sewing skills, giving you a great way to practice for larger projects. 

Express Yourself With Embroidered Patches

Try matching different patches together that represent you, such as pronoun badges, your zodiac sign, or even your name in rainbow letters! There are endless ways to customize and upcycle your clothes with badges – the only limit is your imagination. So, get upcycling!

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Indy Scott

Indy Scott is our content writer! They are nonbinary (they/he) and love to customize their clothing with patches.

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