The Importance of Camping

Updated May 28, 2024

Camping takes many forms, from the stylish and laid-back “glamping” to the rugged and muddy “roughing it.” A trip with your wilderness survival group can involve camping; even going to your lake lot is camping! The exact definition of camping is up to you, as camping is about the fun and memories you are making. Don’t let anyone tell you how to camp – how, when, where and why are completely up to you. So go to that hike-in campsite in the middle of the mountains! Or, set up the tent in the backyard to learn about the environment right outside your door.

Camping Is For Everyone!

Where you camp is up to you and your skills, and there is no shame in starting small to learn enough camping skills before heading to harder locations. However, we advise that you get out of the city for the best camping experience. Nothing compares to roasting marshmallows underneath the stars without the light pollution of urban areas.

Getting Outdoors

Camping may not be the easiest or simplest way to get outdoors, but it is the best. Bask in the glory of nature without committing to that hour jog down your local path for a brief moment of green or dealing with other people at the park. By camping in the wilderness, you can go for a people-free hike, set up your lawn chair and get comfy, or enjoy a nearby water source such as a waterfall or lake. Camping is a great way to enjoy all the beauty nature offers.

One of the best things about camping is that it can be done during any season. Rain or shine, winter or summer, if you want to go camping, don't let the weather hold you back! Challenge your skills and try camping in all of the seasons. Reward yourself with a set of embroidered patches.

The Glory of Campfires

True happiness is sitting around a campfire. Campfires bring people together to sing songs around, talk about their fun-filled day, and embrace their inner pyromaniac by making the perfect bonfire. Besides, what other activity lets you safely toss random things you’ve found on the ground into the fire? Sticks, bark and leaves are much safer to burn than random pieces of garbage. Just be careful not to burn yourself! If you want something even more satisfying to do with a campfire, try cooking to earn your campfire cooking badge. A hotdog is far more satisfying once you’ve roasted it over the fire, even if you burn one side of it and undercook the other. Somehow, returning to our hunter-gatherer days makes the food we prepared ourselves utterly delicious. Nothing goes better with after a long day of appreciating nature than S’Mores.

Remember to be careful and always put your fire out properly. No one wants their camp to catch fire!

Bonding With Your Friends And Family

Camping is a great way to bond with your friends and/or family. No matter who you go with, you will become closer over the duration of the trip. There’s a reason camping trips are perfect bonding moments for families: there’s no one else around! By spending more time with each other, doing different activities, and taking in the sun, you can’t help but smile and laugh through every challenge. You become a happy camper while learning more about the people around you.

Even if you’re camping with your friends, getting lost in the woods and enjoying the campfire under the stars, you can still learn a lot. Camping trips can make and break a friendship, but you’ll come home feeling refreshed and rewarded, with your friendship strengthened if you stick together and work through adversity. 

What Are You Waiting For

Go plan your camping trip. After the trip, remember the experiences using some of our awesome camping patches!

Indy Scott

Indy Scott is our content writer! They are nonbinary (they/he) and love to customize their clothing with patches.

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