Master Chef Camp

Updated Mar 21, 2022

Are you ready to test your culinary skills and become the best chef in your camp? Here’s your chance to show your peers what you can do as you take on challenges such as Vegetable Picture Platter, Healthy Food Relay, and the delectable No Bake Dessert contest. Become a master chef today with Master Chef Camp.

Have you completed all the challenges in this camp? Reward all your hard work with the Master Chef patch or search for other culinary patches in the Cooking, Baking, & Foods category.

Rebecca Chaput

This Brownie Guider's name is "Diamond Owl." She has been Guiding for 21 years in Montreal, Quebec. These years include her time as a girl in the organization. Diamond Owl currently works with the 6th LaSalle Brownies and loves to plan camps and fun new activities. The girls in her group are always working on new and exciting adventures to teach them about their world!

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