Four Elements Challenge

Updated Dec 07, 2023


Last meeting we had a bridging event with Sparks and Brownies that worked really well. It’s a combined effort of a Valentines Party and the Alberta Four Elements Challenge. At the end of the night the girls walked away with a beautiful pink crest that had the four elements on it (it’s very pretty).

Once the girls show up, get them to place their valentines in a bag that they can decorate while waiting for the other girls to arrive. Once everyone is there, divide the girls into four groups: Fire Element, Air Element, Water Element, and Earth Element. Every 15 minutes have the girls rotate to a different element.


Fire Element

A campfire made out of snacks.

Completed fire.

Allow the girls to enjoy edible fire. Make a camp fire out of pretzels (logs), raisins (rocks), licorice (fire), and mini marshmallows (push onto a pretzel for a marshmallow on a stick) before they move on

Air Element

Three girls making paper crafts.

Make your own windmill out of paper.

Three girls making paper crafts at a table with adult supervision.

Create your own windmill and watch how the air make it spin.

Have each girl make a windmill out of paper. The instructions are a bit complicated so it’s better to just go to the bottom and follow the link. The best part about the Four Elements Challenge book is it gives the instructions for this better than I can explain.

Water Element

Fill a variety of glasses with water and a dash of liquid soap and food colouring. Have the girls blow through a straw and create bubbles in the water glasses. Once the bubbles are overflowing, place a piece of paper over the bubbles. Do this with a variety of colours, the result is beautiful!

  • Green bubble art.

    Bubble art is easy.

  • Orange bubble art.

    Try blowing bubbles as a team!

  • Red bubble art.

    Bubble art is easy to create and comes in many fun colours.

Earth Element

Two girls colouring brown paper.

Colour your piece of sand paper. Make sure you're drawing on the rough side.

An example of the Earth Element craft.

Sketch out a masterpiece.

Have each girl draw and colour a picture on a piece of sand paper on the rough side. Then take a piece of white paper, place it over the picture, and then iron it. The picture transfers to the white paper and the piece of art is totally unique. Please ensure that a light piece of material is between the iron and paper.


The girls will leave with some beautiful pieces of art that they may frame. View the Alberta Four Elements Challenge booklet.

Judy Scanland

Judy Scanland is a Brownie Leader in Sylvan Lake, Alberta who just received her 40 year pin for being involved with Guiding. She was a leader when she was single and continues to enjoy the whole program to this day. Judy has made some awesome friendships over the years and she thanks the Guiding program for providing so many girls, herself included, with countless wonderful memories.

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