Ice Fishing Challenge

Updated Apr 04, 2023

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Instructions for the ice fishing challenge.

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Purpose: To learn about the sport of ice fishing and the fish we can catch in our area.

Do all 8

  1. Safety and Regulations: What is the main safety concern when ice fishing? How thick should the ice be? Are there any provincial regulations in regards to fishing? Make sure to have an adult with you.
  2. How to dress for ice fishing: How should you dress, and what could you wear on your feet for safe trekking across the ice?
  3. Equipment needed for ice fishing: List at least 6 items that you need to ice fish. Why do you need them? What are the costs?
  4. Luxury equipment: List 3 items that are not needed but could make ice fishing easier and more comfortable. How do they help? How much do they cost?
  5. Compare to conventional fishing: Which costs more? What are the advantages of ice fishing overfishing in the summer?
  6. Fish: Name 6 types of fish indigenous to your area. What are their special features?
  7. Go on a fishing adventure: Did you catch any fish? What kinds of fish were there?
  8. Fishing events: Are there any ice fishing events in your local area? When and where are they? Who can participate?


  1. The thickness of ice (4 inches for walking), fishing licenses, free for kids under 16 and seniors over 70
  2. Warm, waterproof, windproof, boots, ice cleats
  3. Auger, ice skimmer, rod, reel, line, lures or bait, a bucket to sit on, Girl Guides to bring a first aid kit
  4. Can get to the center of the lake without a boat, so it can be cheaper
  5. A fish finder will help you locate the fish below the ice, and it will show you how the fish react to your bait. GPS to show you the depths of the lake. Underwater camera. Fishing hut.


Penny is a leader from the 2nd and 3rd St. Albert Girl Guides from Fireside District in Alberta. If you have any questions about this idea you can contact Penny at

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