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Updated Jul 03, 2023

Do you love E-Patches & Crests’ charm collection? Are you looking for ways to use these charms besides attaching them to a bracelet or a necklace? You’re in luck! We have filled this article with different uses for our enamel and metal charms. So let’s dive in and get your charm-collecting journey started!

Charm Patches

The first application is to attach them to the loops on a Charm Patch. Our charm patches are crests you sew onto your clothing or blanket with loops on the bottom for attaching charms. We have two in-stock versions: Camping and I’m Charming. This method is great for beginner charm collectors as it lets you swap out the charms whenever you want. We can also make a custom charm patch with loops; consider making one for your next special event.

Attach Charms To Zippers

Charms can also be used as zipper decorations! If you have a favourite sweater, jacket, sleeping bag or handbag with a zipper, give it some extra bling with a Campfire Charm or a S’mores Charm. You could even show off your Canadian pride with this Maple Leaf Charm. Attaching enamel charms to your zippers is a fun way to add extra colour and sparkle to your outfit without having to sew a patch on. You can even add multiple charms if you have multiple zippers - the sky’s the limit! Make your purse the talk of the town.

Decorate Your Keys and Lanyards With Charms

Let’s talk keychains and lanyards. You can personalize your car keys, convention lanyards and house keys. A little charm on your keys can prevent them from getting mixed up at a party and or allow you to identify them should they ever go missing. They can also help you find your convention badge easier in a hotel room shared with other convention-goers or a summer camp where you share a cabin with others. Never worry about someone taking your badge on accident ever again. 

Charms As Earrings

If you’re feeling especially crafty, try making some DIY earrings. We do not suggest putting the charm directly into your ear. Instead, try taking a simple hoop earring and stringing the loop through the charm. This way, the earring dangles under your ear without risking infection. Check your local craft store for different earring hangers. This is a perfect way to wear our Grad Hat Charm to celebrate your graduation without breaking the dress code. Make special earrings for the musician in your life using our Music Note Charm.

charm pendant on an earring

Attaching a pendant charm to an earring is easy.

Decorate Pet Collars With Charms

You can even decorate pet collars with charms! Like the classic charm bracelets, pet collars are one of the easier to customize. Put a charm on the name tag loop to add a little personality to your pet's collar and show that your pet is loved. This can also prevent confusion if you have multiple collars of the same design but all with different adjustments. Simply give one pet a designated charm to avoid sifting through all your collars.

Other Fun Uses For Charms

What about phone charms? By name, this nifty craft is already blinged out with beads and other charms. Why not add your favourite E-Patches & Crests charm too? Use our colourful World Thinking Day Charm to remind others of this important day, or add a Four Leaf Clover Charm for good luck. In the winter, switch to our Snowperson charm for some seasonal fun.

Add a splash of personality to all your favourite items with charms from E-Patches & Crests, and feel good while doing it because you’re supporting a small business. Happy shopping! If you’re unsure how to attach our charms, try reading our step-by-step instructions to guide you through the start of your charm journey.

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Indy Scott

Indy Scott is our content writer! They are nonbinary (they/he) and love to customize their clothing with patches.

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