The Difference Between Embroidered and Woven Patches

Updated Jun 29, 2023

E-Patches & Crests makes both embroidered and woven custom patches. Embroidered patches are made by attaching thread or yarn to fabric (or other materials) to create 3D-raised designs. Woven patches are made by weaving thread directly into the fabric with a tight weave to create designs. We will discuss the pros and cons of each crest type to help you make the best decision when placing a custom order. 

Embroidered Patches And Crests

Sample Embroidered Patch This is the classic technique for making patches and crests. Embroidered patches are made with thick, colourful thread attached to durable fabric. This is why embroidered crests have that classic 3D textured look. Because embroidered patches are made with thick thread, they are not ideal for crests with fine details or small lettering. However, they are great for classic Girl Guide or Scout designs and can produce crests with raised images, making them feel more dynamic.

The embroidery coverage percentage is something else that sets embroidered crests apart from woven. This coverage refers to the portion of the patch covered in thread. With lower embroidery coverage, you will see more of the crest’s background twill fabric peeking through the image. However, we will ensure that the background colour suits the crest design on lower coverage crests. Crests with lower embroidery coverage cost less than those with high coverage. 

Pros Of Embroidered Patches: 

  • Tend to be popular.
  • It can be cheaper than woven patches.
  • Their 3D look helps them stand out on bags and clothing.
  • Have that classic patch look. 

Cons Of Embroidered Patches:

  • They can appear chunky when affixed to delicate clothing items.
  • Not ideal for small intricate designs and small lettering.

If you're looking for something with that classic patch look and a textured feel, embroidered patches are for you! Check out our custom embroidered patch and custom patch design template pages today to design your own!

Woven Patches, Labels, And Crests

Scouts Hockey Night In TorontoUnlike embroidered patches made by attaching thick thread to a fabric backing, woven patches are made using thin thread tightly woven directly into the fabric. This is why woven crests produce designs with finer details and smaller text than embroidered ones. Because there is no backing that the thread is being sewn onto to create the design, woven crests tend to be thin and have flat profiles without raised textures.

Pros Of Woven Patches:

  • Less bulky with a thin profile.
  • Produce designs with fine details and small text.
  • Thin profiles make them suited for delicate articles of clothing.

Cons Of Woven Patches:

  • It can be more expensive than embroidered patches.
  • Produce flat designs that lack that classic textured crest feel.
  • They may not stand out on clothing, T-shirts or bags due to their thin profiles. 

If you are looking for thin, flat crests with detailed images and small lettering, woven crests are for you! Check out our custom woven patch page today to make your own!

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