How To Celebrate The Holidays With Patches

Updated Aug 16, 2023

Are you looking for fun ways to celebrate the holidays? Here are some fun ways to use embroidered patches by E-Patches & Crests for your celebrations. Read our article on easy ways to attach patches. In a hurry? Consider using one of our Adhesive Pin Backings to attach your patches.


We have a wide variety of Christmas-themed patches for all your Christmas needs. There are 75 different items, from the Twelve Days of Christmas to Christmas Baking; find the right patch for you. Why not decorate your tree skirt with some adorable patches? Or maybe an ugly sweater sure to wow the judges? Christmas crests also make great stocking stuffers or little gifts for the sewer extraordinaire in your life.

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love - so why not celebrate your love of patches? Browse our 13 unique Valentine’s Day crests to find the one (or more) perfect for you, like this Chocolate Lover patch or this Gnome With Hearts. These adorable patches can be used to customize a teddy bear for your sweetheart, add a personal touch to a bouquet of flowers and even make healthy alternatives to candy for your little one to put in their cards.


Make Halloween extra special this year by adding a patch to your kids trick-or-treat bags! Customize their bag with one of E-Patches & Crests’ 25 Halloween-themed patches. We have everything from a Gnome with a Pumpkin to a classic Happy Halloween badge. That way, they won’t get their bag mixed up with their friends or siblings. Patches also make great treat bag stuffers for a healthier alternative to candy. 


During Easter, why not stuff plastic eggs with a patch or two? We have 8 fun Easter-themed patches that the Easter Bunny can leave for your kids. Using plastic eggs means you don’t have to worry about rotten eggs missed during an easter egg hunt. Our Easter patches are adorable, from a Bunny With an Easter Basket to a Gnome With Eggs; find the perfect patch for you.


Celebrate your (or your child’s) Birthday with E-Patches & Crests collection of 16 Birthday-themed Crests! From a Cupcake Charm to a Happy Unbirthday Patch, we’ve got everything to make an awesome birthday craft. Badges are great additions to gift bags, giving guests something more permanent and eco-friendly than a piece of candy or a plastic toy. We also have cute animals with numbers called Celebration Animals to mark how old you’re turning! 

Looking for something a little more personal? We carry Blank Crests for you to design your own badge! Blanks are great for crafts during birthdays or Christmas. Make your perfect crest today!
Embroidered holiday-themed patches are a fun way of celebrating the holidays. Try one of our badge-themed craft ideas or set up a sewing station at your party; incorporate these eco-friendly crest ideas into your party today!

Indy Scott

Indy Scott is our content writer! They are nonbinary (they/he) and love to customize their clothing with patches.

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