Christmas in July

Updated Mar 24, 2023

The unofficial holiday Christmas in July started in the United States in North Carolina (read more on the origins of this new tradition). The celebration has spread, and many people worldwide have decided to celebrate this new tradition.

There are many reasons for the new tradition.

  • Countries in the Southern Hemisphere have their winter months in July, and July 25th is in the middle of their winter, a great time to get cozy with Christmas-themed celebrations.
  • Shop for festive decor to beat the crowds. You can often score better deals and have more inventory selection ahead of the Christmas rush.
  • Start your holiday shopping early. Avoid the stress of winter holiday shopping by starting in the summer.
  • There is no holiday between Independence Day and Labor Day in the US.

Ways to Celebrate

Christmas in July is all about having fun! Here are some ideas on how to celebrate this new tradition.

Have A Party

The best way to celebrate this unofficial holiday is to throw a party. Invite your family and friends and host a Christmas-themed party. Make some eggnog, put up a tree, or have a secret Santa event.

Plan a special dinner and cook your favourite holiday meal.

Plan Christmas Activities

There are lots of fun activities for kids. Consider planning a few events to make their summer more exciting.


Hang some lights on your house or go crazy and decorate your yard.

Decorate inside with ornaments and wreaths. Put out Christmas-themed treats like a jar of candy canes. Better yet, bake some festive cookies to make the house smell like Christmas.

Put up a small (or large) tree and decorate it with ornaments.

Bring Out Your Elf on the Shelf

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf? Now is a great time for them to visit. There are many different indoor and outdoor shenanigans for this elf in July! Plus it is a great reminder for children that Santa is always watching.


Try out new ways to celebrate the holidays. Test out different decorating schemes. Christmas in July is a chance to try new ideas without the pressure of the holiday season.

More Ideas

Consider stocking up on our Christmas embroidered patches. July is a great time to replenish your stock of festive items.

Start planning your holiday activities for your youth group.

Julaine Scott

This article was supplied by our web developer. As a child, Julaine was a member of Brownies and Guides and later became a Junior Leader. When not at her computer, you can find her outside in her garden.

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