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Updated Jul 18, 2023

Sharing is caring, and here at EPC, we care about our community and nation. Some of our employees have a background in Guiding, have kids in Guides or Scouts, or worked as Girl Guide or Scout leaders. There we donated our time and effort to help youth discover themselves and the world around them. Now we give back to the community in the way EPC knows best, and that is through patches! Below is a list of the fundraisers, relief efforts, and donations we have supported through the years.

Alberta Wildfires 2023

With immense gratitude, we would like to announce the fulfilment of our promise to support the Alberta wildfires relief effort! We have donated $2,500 of our May sales to the Canadian Red Cross. We thank each and every one of our customers for making this possible. Your support has allowed us to make a meaningful impact and contribute to the recovery of our province. Together, we can make a difference!

Let's Stop The Spread 2020

In February of 2020, the coronavirus arrived in Canada and preceded to change the lives of everyone it came near.

Now more than ever, we need to raise awareness about how important it is to stop the spread. One of the easiest ways to do that is by washing your hands. Wet, lather, scrub, rinse and dry! Sing a song, or set a timer, and scrub for at least 20 seconds. As a helpful reminder to wash frequently, add our Let's Stop the Spread 2020 patch to your collection!

Someone is washing their hands next to the words Let's Stop The Spread 2020 on a patch.

We sold 8,579 crests and made a donation of $871.05 to the local Sylvan Lake food bank

Nova Scotia Strong 2020

On April 18 and 19, a shooter in Nova Scotia set fire to 16 locations, killed 22 people, and injured 3 others. In our newsletter, we took a moment to speak out about the devastating events that happened. "Our hearts are with the families and friends of the victims and everyone affected by this tragedy. It is hard enough in these challenging times without the addition of senseless loss of life and more heartache."

Although we are half a country away, we felt like we had to do something to help, so we created the #Nova Scotia Strong crest. The Red Cross and the Province of Nova Scotia have created the Stronger Together Fund to provide support to the individuals, families and communities affected by the tragedy of April 18 and 19

The words #NovaScotiaStrong are above the province of Nova Scotia.

Together we raised $250 for the Red Cross. EPC is with you, Nova Scotia! Stay strong!

Every Child Matters 2019

In 2019, we created this crest to honour Orange Shirt Day, now National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, which occurs each year on September 30th.

We believe that Every Child Matters, and it is our hope that with this crest, we will help spread further awareness of the suffering Indigenous children experienced.

The words Every Child Matters.

As of July 3, 2023, we have donated $1750 to the Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund.

Support Humboldt Broncos 2018

On April 6, 2018, a bus carrying the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League's Humboldt Broncos and staff members collided with a semi-trailer. Sixteen people died, and another 13 were injured.

This tragic event has reminded everyone how precarious bus trips can be, but it did something else: it brought the world together. And now it is our turn. People in 65 countries have united to share a word of condolence or donate to help the affected families.

The words Humboldt Broncos with a hockey stick.

We raised and donated $2,600 to the Humboldt Broncos! 

Fort Mac Strong 2016

In May 2016, a wildfire tore through Fort McMurray. It was one of the worst wildfires in Alberta's history, with nearly 90,000 residents evacuated with little notice. Over 15% of the city burned, costing $9.9 billion. Amazingly, there were only two fatalities, and these were caused by a traffic accident. It took until August of 2017 for the fires to be completely extinguished, but by then Fort McMurray was on its way to rebuilding better than it was before.

Additionally, we donated $1,000 to the Fort McMurray Girl Guides so that they could purchase camping gear to replace what they lost in the fire.

The words Fort Mac Strong on the province of Alberta.

We raised $1,300 to the United Way of Fort McMurray.

Alberta Flood Assistance 2013

Days before June 19, 2013, Alberta experienced heavy rainfall that triggered catastrophic flooding. A total of 32 states of local emergency were declared as water levels rose and numerous communities were placed under evacuation orders. EPC rushed to help, creating the Alberta Flood Assistance 2013 patch.

All proceeds of the sale of this crest were given to the Alberta Council to disburse to the affected Alberta Guiding communities, and, of course, we donated a bunch of crests too!

The words Alberta Flood Assistance 2013 on the province of Alberta.

In total, we raised $2,000 by selling both the Alberta Flood Assistance 2013 & I Survived The Flood of 2013 crests.

I Survived The Flood of 2013

During the June flooding, news articles arose with stories of Girl Guide units that had lost all their equipment and supplies in the “worst flood in Alberta history.” EPC jumped to help our fellow Guiders by creating the I Survived the Flood of 2013 crest.

All proceeds of the sale of these crests were given to the Alberta Council to disburse to the affected Alberta Guiding communities, and, of course, we donated a bunch of patches too!

The words I Survived The Flood of 2013 on the province of Alberta.

In total, we raised $2,000 by selling both the Alberta Flood Assistance 2013 & I Survived The Flood of 2013 crests.

Pauline Woodhouse

As a third-generation Scouter, Pauline is a writer passionate about giving back to the Guiding and Scouting programs. She grew up making beaver buggies with the boys, selling popcorn as a Cub and practicing outdoor skills with the Scouts. Instead of moving on to Ventures, she became an assistant leader for Cubs, also known as a Kim. Pauline is proud to pass on her Scouting knowledge to an international audience.

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