Iron-On A kangaroo stands tall and smiles.

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Item No: E951
Dimensions: 1.6" w x 2.4" h
Patch since: Jun 01/20

Did you know the Kangaroo is a marsupial indigenous to Australia? The largest species are called Kangaroos, while the smaller species are often called wallabies. They have strong hind legs and oversized feet, which help them leap and bound across the desert. The Kangaroo is the symbol of Australia and is featured on their coat of arms and currency; and is a symbol used by countless organizations like Qantas and the Royal Australian Air Force. We've put a cute spin on the Kangaroo, which makes this patch perfect for any crest collector!

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Thank you very much for the free samples! I love them. My troop (Dutch system, 5 troops combined in 1 club) is loving your patches catalogue. With kind regards.

--Daphne S.

Thanks so much for sending the order with Kathy. That so made my day. The Sparks are off to the Stettler train this Sat. They will be receiving 5 crests on this trip. It will be so exciting. They love getting the crests. Thanks so much for an amazing site to purchase crests.

--Joanne S
Innisfail, AB


Thanks for shipping so quickly! I handed these out to any of my Brownies who came out in the rain to pick up cookies. They loved them!


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