Iron-On A Zombie's arms reach towards a camper. Between them is the text Zombie Survival.

Price: $1.85 CAD

Zombie Survival

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Item No: E305
Dimensions: 2" w x 2" h
Patch since: May 01/13

Chalk up another win for humanity, for you are a zombie survivalist. When the zombies came, you stood firm; you knew how to survive. Now it's time to tell the world what you've accomplished with the Zombie Survival patch. Whether you're a zombie extremist or love these undead creatures, the Zombie Survival patch is necessary for any zombie collection.

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Terrific, these are good quality.

--Nancy Lanni



We received so many wonderful comments from our guests who loved the patches!

--Denine Peterson
Regina, SK

I am so appreciative of your efforts. We were committed to engaging Canadian business from the onset. It matters! But more importantly, the commitment, patience and service you've attended to us is beyond commendable in a day & age where customer service seems a luxury as opposed to a courtesy and otherwise, good business. We will endorse you and share our experience with any and all that may be 'in the market'. Thank you for pampering us.


Jay S.

Belle River, ON

Thank you very much for the free samples! I love them. My troop (Dutch system, 5 troops combined in 1 club) is loving your patches catalogue. With kind regards.

--Daphne S.

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