Earth with a boot print across the ocean. The words Leave No Trace are written around the outside.

Price: $1.85 CAD

Leave No Trace

Item No: E941
Dimensions: 1.8" w x 2.2" h
Patch since: Apr 01/20

It is important that we do not leave a trace when we are camping. Leave nothing behind (especially trash) and take home only memories. If it was your home, would you like it if your guests left their garbage across your living room? Unlike you, the ecosystem can't clean it up, and the build-up of trash upsets the natural balance over time. Help keep the Earth clean. Leave No Trace!

This badge may be for you if you've picked up trash to leave no trace.


Hi! Just received the patches in the mail and opened them! They are perfect and I very excited to give to give them out at our ''Kamp!'' Thank- you so much for making my order work in such short time and doing such a beautiful job!! Warm regards!!

--Patti Anderson
East Selkirk, MB

Ryan was very excited to receive the crest - amazed that they were exactly like he drew (they weren't exactly like, but close enough for him!) I think the parents too were amazed at the drawing - stitching miracle! Ryan called me the day the crests arrived so I could hear his excitement as well. I am crazy about you folks! Next time I am in Calgary, I may go looking for Sylvan Lake!

--Bette H.
Warkworth, ON

Got my crest order (Camp Like A Girl / Shopper In Training) and they look GREAT! Thanks again for providing such a great resource!!!

--Tamara S.
Prince George, BC

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