A yellow circle forms a face with its mouth zippered closed to signify lips sealed.

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Emoji Lips Sealed

Item No: ES2317
Dimensions: 2" w x 2" h

Are your lips sealed? Know a secret or two that you must not tell anyone? Or, maybe you just love using this emoji, or all the other ones. Emoji's aren't just for social media anymore, and are the perfect addition to any crest collect, so why not collect them all?


Thank-you for the speedy service! The crests came on Tuesday, our Spark meeting night just in time to hand out the caroling crests to the girls that attended the event. I love to hand them out so the other girls can see what they missed and perhaps come to the next event. Merry Christmas!

--Brenda Knowles
1st Telegraph Trail Sparks, Langley, B.C.

I LOVE MY CRESTS! They look amazing- can't wait for the girls and Guiders to see them at camp. Thanks a bunch!


Natasha Juntermanns

Nova Scotia

Hi Lori. The badges arrived quickly and safely in England this morning - they are lovely - thanks very much!

--Angela Brett
Northants, UK

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