Iron-On The Jamaican flag is divided into four sections by a golden saltire. Green is in the vertical triangles, and black is in the horizontal ones.

Price: $3.10 CAD

Jamaica Flag

Item No: ECF025
Dimensions: 2.5" w x 1.5" h
Patch since: Nov 01/20

The gold saltire represents Jamaica's natural resources and sunshine, whereas the black represents the hardships faced and overcome, and the green represents agriculture and hope for the future. Show off your Jamaican pride with this patch!

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I LOVE MY CRESTS! They look amazing- can't wait for the girls and Guiders to see them at camp. Thanks a bunch!


Natasha Juntermanns

Nova Scotia

Hi Lori. [The] patches [arrived] here today. I really like the red edges. Now the patch pops. Thank you!

--Janet K.
Erie, PA USA


I received my patches today and they are really nice and so well done. I love them and am so happy you used my idea and made the Trans Canada Highway one. Super cool.

-- Sheena
Lac du Bonnet , MB

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