Iron-On A hand holds out its pointer finger with a bug bite on it. The words I got Stung are in an arc around it, and an insect is in the far right corner.

Price: $1.85 CAD

I Got Stung

Item No: E339
Dimensions: 2" w x 2" h
Patch since: Dec 01/13

Whether by a bee or a wasp, fire ant or hornet, a sting from a bug hurts like no tomorrow. Show that you survived some of nature’s peskier creations with the I Got Stung patch.

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Hi Lori. The badges arrived quickly and safely in England this morning - they are lovely - thanks very much!

--Angela Brett
Northants, UK

Thanks a bunch Lori. I received the shipment yesterday and I am impressed with the promptness of delivery and your crests are very cute.

--Debi McFetridge
Langley, BC

Thank you very much for the free samples! I love them. My troop (Dutch system, 5 troops combined in 1 club) is loving your patches catalogue. With kind regards.

--Daphne S.

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