Outdoor Cooking Level 2 (Iron On)

A pot simmers on a lit burner of a gas camping stove.

Interested in teaching your group more about Outdoor Cooking, like how to use and maintain a camp stove or make a cooking tripod, dingle stick, prop stick or spit, even how to properly and safely wash dishes and dispose of grey water, and how to protect yourself and your food from wildlife?

Head on over to The Guider Next Door blog and find out more!

Download the Tracker Log, check out the informative links and complete the challenges. Once you're all finished, present your group with the Outdoor Cooking Level 2 patch!

Don't forget to complete Outdoor Cooking Level 1 and Outdoor Cooking Level 3 in the collection, too. You can also combine this challenge set with our Fire Making Levels, too!

2" w x 2" h

Item No: E882

Price: $ 1.50 CAD



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