This crest is shaped like the province of New Brunswick. Decorating it are: the initials NB, the Heartland Covered Bridge, lumber, a lobster, the ocean, and the capital city Fredericton.

Price: $ 2.50 CAD

Canada Province - New Brunswick (Iron On)

Item No: ES2904
Dimensions: 2.6" w x 2.4" h


I LOVE MY CRESTS! They look amazing- can't wait for the girls and Guiders to see them at camp. Thanks a bunch!


Natasha Juntermanns

Nova Scotia

Thank you so much for making our crests for our Trefoil Guild Provincial Challenge! It is gorgeous to say the least! I thank you in advance for everything you have done for we Trefoil members in Nova Scotia! You have gone above and beyond the call of duty. We will gladly recommend you to anyone!

--Trish MacDonald
Nova Scotia

The crests were delivered today and they look good.


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