A folding knife is partially open on a green leaf.

Price: $1.55 CAD

Outdoor Camping Set Knife Skills Leaf

Item No: ES0116
Dimensions: 1.1" w x 1.9" h
Set since: Sep 01/17

Knife safety is important to understand. Knives are useful, however, they are also dangerous. If you've recently learnt your knife safety, add this patch to your tree set so that others know you're trained.

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This company you have developed is incredibly amazing! You have an easy ordering system, speedy delivery, reasonable prices and more selection than Girl Guides will ever have! You take the dedication to hand sign the receipts and even bundle everything together. With both of these orders I have been incredibly impressed! My last order I placed consisted of 80 pieces, and you had them in stock and in my hands within days! Due to your valued and incredible service, I will be telling all of my fellow guiders [of] your website and my unending recommendations for them to order crests! Thank you for your dedicated work! I look forward to ordering from you again shortly!

--Melanie King 7th Waterloo Girl Guides Leader

Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your crests and am also very proud to present them to the other girls/leaders. You and your company are doing a fine job and keep up the good work. I will be using your crests for the upcoming year through my Sparks Program.

--Donna Thomas
Drumheller, AB

We've just received our: Diabetes Awareness x2 March/December Fluffy Owl Girl Guiding UK Campfire Flame Thank you so much for the fast delivery and the great badge choices. I'm definitely ordering from you again as your prices are very cheap and I want to get your business badge for myself. (We have two blankets as we have two guiders). I will definitely recommend you in the future.

--Zoe Merrylees
Hull - Yorkshire

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