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Updated Apr 02, 2023

September is Read A Book Month

Challenge yourself: read a book weekly or discover a new author. There is no end to the adventures you can have when you open a storybook, and books are an excellent way to go on a magical adventure.

12 Ways To Celebrate Read A Book Month

  1. Trade books with friends or family.
  2. Take your youth group or class on a library tour or try a library sleepover.
  3. Be a story owl. Add reading with kids to your reading challenge.
  4. Celebrate your accomplishments with our Reading Challenge patch
  5. Give back. Organize a book drive in your community.
  6. Share your love of reading. Display our I Love Books patch on your camp blanket or hat.
  7. Have a Read-A-Thon. Pick a target, like 100 hours for the month, and challenge your troop or unit.
  8. Support your local bookstore. The owners are a valuable source of new books to read.
  9. Want to continue making reading a habit throughout the year? Start a book club.
  10. Donate your used books. Find the little free library in your neighbourhood to leave the books.
  11. Do a costume day and can dress up as your favourite literary character. 
  12. Plan a Reading Instant Meeting. We have several instant meeting plans in our blog.

Continue Reading Beyond September

Give yourself a reading challenge for the year. See how close you can get to your target.

Start a book club with friends. Here are some ideas on how to run a book club.

Visit your local library. Libraries are a great resource for more than just books. You can find music, eBooks, movies, magazines and more. In addition, libraries offer events and programs for bookworms. Check out the schedule at your local branch - odds are you can find everything from author readings to health workshops.

Don't forget: September 6th is National Read A Book Day #readabook.

Julaine Scott

This article was supplied by our web developer. As a child, Julaine was a member of Brownies and Guides and later became a Junior Leader. When not at her computer, you can find her outside in her garden.

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