<p>This badge spells out the word 'Slime.' Each letter is covered in dripping green goop and the 'M' has two monster eyes on it.<p>

Price: $ 1.65 CAD

Slime (Iron On)

Item No: E807
Dimensions: 3" w x 1" h

It’s squishy and oozy, and slips between your fingers, it can be green or purple, or even have glitter! There’s fluffy and stretchy, and smelly, and... the variations are endless. This is a great activity to try at home or with your group, and can be made with only a few household ingredients! Once you’ve made your Slime, hand out our Slime Patch!


Hi Lori, Well, I just wanted to say how impressed your newsletter was and how far the business has come. Your new space looks wonderful. You have such great staff and you and your business have really made an impact. The service given is tremendous – ladies are always very helpful and accommodating. I have really enjoyed the service and there's always such neat crests. Everyone I have talked to always uses E-Patches & Crests. I just wanted to say I am proud to be a “Crest Piggy” and yes, it goes back a long time. Just feel I need to send this message to you and your staff for a great job that you do. It is very much appreciated and I look forward to continuing to order crests from E-Patches & Crests.

--Donna T.
Drumheller, AB

I received the package late last week and I loooove them! Seriously, I squealed when I opened the bag!! They are so cute and really well done. Thanks again! You guys have been awesome to work with.

-- Alison Pearce

I gotta say, we LOVE e-patches! We always find what we're looking for, and usually so many more that we just HAVE to have too! :) We haven't ordered patches or crests from anywhere else, since we discovered e-patches!

--Christine Neurauter 219 Calgary Brownies

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