Iron-On This badge spells out the word Slime. Each letter is covered in dripping green goop, and the M has two monster eyes on it.

Price: $1.85 CAD


Item No: E807
Dimensions: 3" w x 1" h
Patch since: Oct 01/18

Slime comes in many different consistencies and colours! There's fluffy and stretchy, and smelly - the variations are endless. This is a great activity to try at home or with your group, and it can be made with only a few household ingredients! Once you've made your Slime, hand out our Slime Patch!

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We received our patches and they are even better than we expected! Thank You!

--Sharon H.


They turned out great and we love them! We will be giving them to all members of our group and sending some to Canadian service men/women worldwide for Christmas!

--1st Beamsville Scouts
Vineland, ON

Thank you so much for getting these patches to me early. Just received them today and they are fabulous! I'm so happy with them and I'm sure my customers will be too.

Burnaby, BC

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