This badge spells out the word 'Slime.' Each letter is covered in dripping green goop and the 'M' has two monster eyes on it.

Price: $ 1.65 CAD

Slime (Iron On)

Item No: E807
Dimensions: 3" w x 1" h

It’s squishy and oozy, and slips between your fingers, it can be green or purple, or even have glitter! There’s fluffy and stretchy, and smelly, and... the variations are endless. This is a great activity to try at home or with your group, and can be made with only a few household ingredients! Once you’ve made your Slime, hand out our Slime Patch!


Thanks so much for the ''We're Not Lost We're Geocaching'' patches. They turned out great and were well received. After our event this weekend I shared what we did with a Facebook group of Girl Scout leaders and there was a great response. Thank you again for the great quality and swift work! I appreciate it!

--Lisa N
The Woodlands, TX

Our crests arrived on Tuesday. They turned out great! We're looking forward to putting them out on display.

--Rocky Ridge Ranch
Rockwood, ON

Thank you, I received them in the mail today! They look fantastic and I cannot wait to share them with the group. And an extra special thanks for the bonus pack with the Thank You crest! You were great to work with and we are so pleased with the crests.

Waterloo, ON

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