A rectangular aquamarine next to the words March Aquamarine.

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Birthstone - March Aquamarine

Item No: S1502
Dimensions: 3.0" w x 1.0" h
Patch since: Nov 01/09

Were you or someone you know born in March? Aquamarine is March's birthstone. The aquamarine shares its colouring with the sea, from deep ocean green-blue to light, almost translucent blue. Some people believe aquamarines bring the purity of both spirit and soul. Celebrate your birth month by adding our Birthstone - March patch to your collection!

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Hi! Just received the patches in the mail and opened them! They are perfect and I very excited to give to give them out at our ''Kamp!'' Thank- you so much for making my order work in such short time and doing such a beautiful job!! Warm regards!!

--Patti Anderson
East Selkirk, MB

Just got the crests and hats. They look Great! I was honestly a little concerned about how the crests were going to turn out, but you guys did a great job and they look fantastic.

--Darrin Reid
Nova Scotia

I received the package late last week and I loooove them! Seriously, I squealed when I opened the bag!! They are so cute and really well done. Thanks again! You guys have been awesome to work with.

-- Alison Pearce

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